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Today my word count was significantly less than the past few days. I am coming in around 1,632 words. Not to say that my word count holds my value but I notice a significant difference in how I feel today vs. how I have felt the past few days.

I sat down and really wanted to start on character bios. They’re a fundamental building block to a story right? Honestly someone tell me. I’m too unmotivated to read at the moment to figure out if it’s a necessity or what.

So I forced myself to work on character bios. From that came a lovely backstory scene that I quite liked. Completely new characters it was good to get my mind thinking in a different direction. That was the best part of my writing this evening.

Otherwise it seemed to drag on. I’ve drafted a list of questions I’ve found on the internet. They’re brilliant questions and I see how it’s all good practice to write up bios on characters. How can you write in intricate details of characters you don’t know?

Yet trying to build characters in this way feels inorganic and very very forced.

I’m not a fan.

I do enjoy the practice but I’m thinking of doing it in a different way. Perhaps tomorrow I will sit down with the goal to see what comes to mind. Free writing feels much more natural and enjoyable. Then perhaps I will include a bit of character work at the beginning to spark some free writing or at the end because I really should get around to it.

Here’s hoping that technique works tomorrow.


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