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Continuing On

Today I worked on a scene/story arch that I am very unsure of. I’m not working on a romance novel. I’m working on a fictional piece that is a little fantasy/sci fi. So when these two characters popped into my head with this very bizarre romance story arch I thought no.

If you’re a fictional writer I hope we can find community in saying it’s funny to think we can say no to the characters we write about.

So I wrote out the scene and worked on the story arch. I think that I am hyper aware of writing cliche stories. I want to represent the world as I know it in my writing. I don’t want to bend to what’s culturally normalize or expected to appease an audience.

I’ve been seeing that circulate a lot as well in my internet scrolling. Writing for an audience. Perhaps someday I will write for an audience but today I write for me – and apparently for these characters.

I suppose this is their story after all.

All in all it was interesting. I’m unsure if it will make a final storyline cut as it happens towards the end of the series outline. I jumped ahead tonight. But in a way I learned a lot about the characters. Writing about their future selves made me think about why their future selves are that way. In hand helping me work out their back story and character bios.

I think I don’t like character bio work as I’ve said before. It feels like a bunch of questions or very boring histories. For me it writes out as very long and drawn out facts. I prefer to get to know characters from their dialogue and actions. This is where I find the answers instead of sitting and wondering what the answer could be.

So all in all it was a good practice. It was fun to see these characters interact in a way that is unlikely to the relationship they show to the other characters. The relationship is so unlikely it really goes against the nature of the two characters from my perspective. We’ll see what fate holds for them.

It put my mind in a different place as well. When I worked on the character bios tonight it wasn’t as labor intensive as it felt yesterday. It felt free flowing. I’m sure as I write and learn more about these characters intimately I’ll have more to add to their character bios. Honestly, I doubt the end result will look like the template I’ve created at all.

Final word counts for tonight:
Scene – 2,593 words
Bios – 1,571 words
Total – 4,164

I spent less time writing tonight but I wrote more overall. I think it’s because I wasn’t straining my brain to come up with content. I just let my imagination do the work which is what feels natural to me. I’ll have to read up on writing styles. I’m positive that’s a method and it will be beneficial to learn about it to optimize my time writing.

For now I will keep with this flow and continue on with my deadline to start writing chapters by October 1.

I’m feeling rather optimistic about this process again.

Let’s keep that energy going.


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