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About MVNG

Hello people of the internet. I am MVNG, a novice fiction writer.

My mind is exploding with universes I have daydreamed about over the past decade. I have decided to wrangle the scattered ideas into a novel. With no past experience to guide me, I have quickly realized how big a feat this project is.

Typically at this point I would retreat back into my imagination. It’s easier to write in the future when I get it all sorted out. As a perfectionist and procrastinator with an immense fear of failure it shocks me to send out into the internet void that I am done with that cycle.

I have decided it is time.

No more excuses.

I am launching this blog to keep myself accountable. This is my growing season. I plan to document my writing process and progress as I finally start and finish my first novel.

One thing to know about me is that I am an exceptionally private introvert. Blogging will stretch the limits of my comfort. It may even kick me out of the limits I know.

This project continues to grow to be counterintuitive to my own nature.

As private and introverted as I am – I am excited for what is to come.

Welcome to my journey.


MVNG is a first time blogger, long time
daydreamer documenting the process
of writing their first novel starting in


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