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34,743 Words

Tomorrow should be the day I start writing this novel. That’s not how writing works apparently. Not for me at least. Today I rounded up all the words that I have written so far in the chapters for Book 1 as I have titled it on my computer. Since September 13th, 2020 I have written…

Ten Chapters

I had officially started this writing project on September 13th, 2020 after dreaming of these characters stories for over a decade now. It has only been two weeks. Fifteen days to be exact. I don’t understand how Time works because I have just finished my draft of Chapter 10. I have ten chapters written of…

New Chapters

I made the decision last night to start working on chapters. It just felt like the right Timing if that makes sense. Originally I wanted to start on October 1. It was just a preliminary goal as all of this is. While working on the chapters I didn’t feel as inspired as I do writing…

Continuing On

Today I worked on a scene/story arch that I am very unsure of. I’m not working on a romance novel. I’m working on a fictional piece that is a little fantasy/sci fi. So when these two characters popped into my head with this very bizarre romance story arch I thought no. If you’re a fictional…


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About Me

I am MVNG, a novice fiction writer. I’ve spent the past ten years daydreaming up new universes and characters waiting to have their stories told.

This is my journey.


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MVNG is a first time blogger, long time
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