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34,743 Words

Tomorrow should be the day I start writing this novel.

That’s not how writing works apparently.

Not for me at least.

Today I rounded up all the words that I have written so far in the chapters for Book 1 as I have titled it on my computer. Since September 13th, 2020 I have written 34,743 words.

I’m still taking a moment to let that sink in.

Three thousand seven hundred and forty three words.

After dreaming of these characters for so long I’m just amazed that I’m finally putting words to their stories. And without the pressure of having a start/end date 34,743 words have already flowed out to start their journey. I’m fully aware that this is a very ROUGH first draft but it is a start. Editing is really where I shine. I really enjoy refining the story and improving the flow/feeling/mood of the characters and plot.

But it’s the starting that has been so difficult.

Not anymore.

I’m feeling exhilarated tonight. 34,743 words. This is insane.

I’ve completed roughly 12 chapters now. That’s nearly a third of the chapters for this novel according to an excel sheet I made. I’m a third of the way there already. This is so exciting.

I put this on the tweet I posted tonight to echo in the chambers of the internet for all time but I’ll say it here as well.

If you’re here reading this waiting to start writing- stop waiting and start now.

Writing is definitely a craft that I have learned by doing. Working on this novel has refined my skills not only of writing but of time management, project management, and planning. So much planning has been put into this project and I know there is still so much more I could plan or more so that I will continue to develop.

I’m fully aware that the 34,743 words I’m very proud of right now will be scrutinized in the very near future but there’s 34,743 words written that bring me closer to my goal of having a finished first draft. All because I stopped waiting and started writing.

And no, writing isn’t always spectacular. Some days, maybe most, I have sat down with nothing in mind but still – I write.

So if anyone out there is looking for a sign this is your sign.

I am definitely taking this as my sign to continue on. I am exciting to see what October will bring as I continue writing.


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